Sutton Seed Lending Library   

It's that time of year again! Our Seed Lending Library is now open to in-person browsing for the 2021 garden season. We have vegetable, herb and flower seeds available and many gardening books to choose from as you plan your home garden. Check out the educational links below for information on seed starting and seed saving. There are also handy tips and gardening websites to be found on our Library Pinterest board Sutton Seed Lending Library.

If you prefer curb-side pick up, you can request packets of seeds and books using our online form or you can call us at 508-865-8752. If you have any saved and/or unused seeds from your garden, please consider donating them to our seed library.

Seeds available for the 2021 Growing Season:

Bok Choy
Early long purple Egglant  2019        
Black Beauty Eggplant  2018

Peacevine Cherry Tomato  2020
Sweetie Tomato   2019
Beefsteak Tomato  2019
Brandywine Tomato  2019

Green Wave Mustard Greens  2020
Red Giant Mustard  2020
Ironman Kale Mix  2020
White Russian Kale  2020
Gourmet Blend Lettuce  2019
Red Salad Bowl Lettuce  2020
Spinach - Bloomsdale Long Standing  2021

Daikon Radish  2020
Valentine’s Day Blend Radish  2020
Cherry Belle Radish  2018

Dolciva Carrot  2020
Red Cored Chantenay Carrot  2020

Halblange Parsnip  2020
Purple Top White Globe Turnip   2020
Early Wonder Tall Top Beet   2020

Green Bush Bean - Burpee's stringless green pod  2021
Royal Burgundy Bush Bean  2019

Snow Pea Oregon Sugar  2018
Laxton’s Progress #9 Shell Pea  2020

Ancho Poblano Hot Pepper
Shishito Mild Pepper  2020
Cayenne Long Slim Pepper  2019
California Wonder Pepper  2019

Honey Nut Butternut Winter Squash  2020
Sweet REBA  Acorn Winter Squash  2020
Jack Be Little Pumpkin  2018

Hale's Best Jumbo Heirloom Cantaloupe  2018
Crimson Sweet Watermelon  2020

Eleanora Basil   
Italian Large Leaf Basil  2020
Chives  2018
Italian Flat Leaf Parsley  2018

Alyssum Royal Carpet  2020
Aster Crego Mixed Colors  2020
Bells of Ireland  2019
Cosmos Sensation  2019
Dahlia Rainbow Mixed Colors  (1 packet left)  2020
Italian White Sunflower  2021
Mammoth Sunflower  2020
Mammoth Russian Sunflower  2019
Tithonia Mexican Sunflower  2019
Envy Zinnia  2019
Giant Coral Zinnia  2020

For instructions on seed starting and seed saving, pick up an informational sheet at the library, browse our gardening books collection or check out some of our favorite websites below:

Seed Trust Video on Starting Seeds
Seed Savers Exchange - starting and saving seeds
UMass Amherst Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment - starting seeds and caring for seedlings.